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What is the Nature, Purpose and Origin of Language?

The Dark Court, book 2 in the speculative fiction Songs of the Sage series continues the exploration of the role of language in facilitating communication.

Read the first three chapters of The Dark Court

In The Babel Apocalypse, book 1 in the Songs of the Sage series, the protagonist, Ebba Black, a professor of linguistics, discussed the biblical origin story of language, the tower of Babel.

The second installment, The Dark Court, continues to develop the themes surrounding the nature and origin of language, exploring similar religious mythology motifs.

Language is, on some accounts, the hallmark of what it means to be human. And human cognition is underpinned by sophisticated symbolic abilities that, enables language, as well as other advanced human behaviours, including religion and art.

The Dark Court explores these themes by exploring the mythological significance of the Watchers, the fallen angels of Genesis in the Old Testament. The novel also introduces the protagonist, Lilith King, who was first met, in passing, in book 1, The Babel Apocalypse.

The book begins to set up Lilith's galaxy-wide search for the origin of language, which holds the power to restore balance to the Elyonim, the universe. In so doing, The Dark Court introduces the ancient language engineers, beings who are travelling backwards through time, who come to prominence in later books in the series.

The Dark Court is published May 7th 2204 in paperback and eBook. The Babel Apocalypse is available as an audiobook and in paperback and eBook formats. Find out more about the Songs of the Sage books at the series website here.


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