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This page details coverage of Vyv's research in the written and broacast media.  For details of his popular science writing, see Popular Science 



La cara oculta de l'emoticona (The hidden face of the smiley), on TV3 Catalonia, Spain -- February 20th 2020

Beyond Emoji. Documentary on NPO2, Netherlands -- October 13th 2019
Profile of Vyv Evans

Live interview, "Breaking The Emoji Code", Cheddar TV, NY -- August 7th 2017

Live interview, BBC News 24 Channel, UK --July 17th 2017

Live interview, Business Impact, BBC International News Channel -- July 17th 2017

Live interview on World Emoji Day, Sky Sunrise, Sky News Channel, UK -- July 17th 2017

Live interview on The Emoji Code, Sunday Brunch, Channel 4, UK -- July 16th 2017

Interview on BBC2's Politics Today Show, UK--Nov 9th 2015

Interview on the Digital View programme, Sky News TV channel, UK--August 22nd 2015

Sky News--World Emoji Day UK: Vyv in discussion with lexicographer Jonathan Green on the function of emoji in communication--July 17th 2015

Eurospeak documentary, ARTE, France/Germany--6th June 2015

Channel 5/ITN national news, UK--May 19th, 2015



How we use emojis. Bloomberg QuickTake -- December 21st 2019

Where Emojis Come From.  VPRO Documentary -- November 1st 2019

Why are emoji popular?  Vyv interviewed in SEFD video -- June 3rd 2016


The Word of the Year 2015 Vyv discussing the ways in which emoji is language-like -- 21st December 2015

The Crucible of Language.  Vyv Discussing the book -- October 15th 2015

Are emojis the future of communication? Vyv talking about the role of emoji in digital communication --12th June 2015

How to be an emoji master -- 19th May 2015


A GIF for all feelings. Vyv in discussion on the Andrew Peirce Daily News show (Mail+) discussing new research showing people prefer to use visual cues over language in digital communication (from 20:16 onwards) -- 11th March 2022

On Emoji and Linguistics, with author Vyv Evans, PhD, from NeverReadyGallery -- February 2021

The Emoji Code:  In Episode 130, Dr. Vyv Evans joins host Chris Hadnagy, to discuss the use of emoji and how it can fill the gap between text and face-to-face communication -- 8th June 2020

Are emojis ruining children's abilities to communicate, The Spectator podcast, from [22.04], responding to article 'The Emoji Con' -- 12th May 2018

Interview on The Emoji Code, with Mark Lynch, Inquiry on WICN Public Radio 1st September 2017

Q&A with Vyvyan Evans on The Emoji Code. Science Magazine from [10.03] -- 24th August 2017

How to speak emoji. Kera Think, Dallas/Forth Worth PBS, with Kris Boyd -- 3rd August 2017

The Symbols of Bliss. BBC Radio 4 -- 20th July 2017.

Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language?  The Guardian tech podcast -- 23rd June 2017

The Emoji Code.  Episode of Talk the Talk, Australian radio -- 27th March 2017

Emoji: The future of language? BBC Radio 4 (28 minute) episode of Word of Mouth, featuring Vyv, hosted by Michael Rosen -- 21st February 2017

The Guardian's weekly tech podcast Vyv talking about how emoji better facilitates emotional expression in digital talk--10th July 2015

The rise of Emoji. BBC Radio 5 Live, Drivetime --19th May 2015


Full length interview radio podcast on The Language Myth, Australian radio programme, Talk the Talk, December 2014

Interview on the topic of 'Time'. BBC Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ programme. Details of the programme can be found at  -- May 5th 2014


Published interviews featuring Vyv

Interview with Vyvyan Evans, author of The Babel Apocalypse. Literary Ashland -- March 30th 2023

Mixed Emoji. Interview with Vyvyan Evans. Kinfolk Magazine -- September 2021

Emojis get a big (thumbs up emoji) from British linguist. The Chicago Tribune -- November 1st 2017

An interview with Vyvyan Evans on Literary Ashland-- October 5th 2017

Interview in GEO magazine (German language)--no. 9 2017

Interview on the use of Emoji in education, in TES -- July 14th 2017

Interview on The Emoji Code, in Huck Magazine -- January 16th 2017

Interview published in Dutch magazine 7Days -- May 29th 2015

The Bloody Secret Life of Theories--Vyv Evans in conversation in Beyond Words -- Language Blog, ALTA Translation

Interview published in The Review of Cognitive Linguistics -- 2013


Print and on-line coverage of Vyv's research

(Partial listing)

Transforming organizations one emoji at a time -- 29th January 2023. Venturebeat

Why nothing betrays your age like an emoji -- 4th November 2022. The Daily Mail

The Trouble With Texting: Cancel Culture Comes To Work, Seeking Out Passive-Aggressive Emojis -- 19th October 2022. Forbes

People who use emoji are more empathetic -- 23rd September 2022. The Week

Why Longhorn Steakhouse is Petitioning for a New Emoji -- 21st August 2022. Mashed

World Emoji Day: Why is it celebrated on July 17? -- 17th July 2022.

El creador del GIF, animación esencial en la comunicación en la red, muere en Ohio por covid a los 74 años -- 24th March 2022. El Pais

A GIF for all occasions… Brits turn to tech to talk feelings -- 11th March 2022. Samsung Newsroom.

A sign of the times: Almost 90% of Britons would rather use emojis than express their feelings face-to-face, study finds -- 10th March 2022. The Daily Mail

Some Of The Most Used Emojis Are Not What They Seem -- 1st November 2021

Emoji designers unveil finalists ‘Pregnant Man,’ ‘Pregnant Person’ to depict ‘trans pregnancies -- 21st July 2021. Christian Post.

Smileys, hearts, sad eyes and the rise of a new digital language -- 17th July 2021.

New Adobe Report Reveals Demand For More Representative Emoji -- 17th April 2021. Forbes

From ‘hygge’ to ‘niksen’, a nordic sense of cosiness really can help us cope with a winter in lockdown. -- 2nd November 2020. iNewspaper


Gesten wie “Wie spät ist es?” und “gib mir die Rechnung” Gesicht aussterben. -- 16th October 2020.

Cum ne influențează tehnologia comunicarea prin gesturi nonverbale.  -- 11th October 2020.

Dialogue de sourds.Dialogue de sourds. Combiné téléphonique, montre : ces gestes qui n'évoquent plus rien aux ados.  -- 8th October 2020.  Courrier International.

Call me! How technology is changing our hand gestures. -- 6th October 2020- The Guardian.

A sign of the times? Gestures including 'what's the time?' and 'give me the bill' face dying out as they make no sense to the young.  -- 6th October 2020. The Daily Mail online

The writing's on the wall for gesturing for the bill.  --6th October 2020.  The Press Reader.

'Call me' and other common hand gestures becoming obsolete as Gen Z fails to recognise them -- 5th October 2002. The Daily Telegraph.

A decade of emoji: How aubergines and crying faces connected us all online. -- 18th July 2020.  The Independent.

Kijk jongelui! Zo ziet een trein eruit!  -- 20th June 2020.  Mare. 

People can't stop using these emojis during the pandemic.  --11th May 2020. CNN Business.

Ecco come gli Emoji aiutano gli uomini a capire le donne. -- 19th December 2019.

Emoji can help men understand women, expert claims.  -- 13th December 2019. Stylecraze.

Emoji es el nuevo esperanto. -- 15th December 2019. El Pais.

The Secretive Committee Behind Emojis. -- 1st November 2019. The Boston Globe. 

The shadowy consortium that controls emoji. -- 24th October 2019. The New Republic. 

Used as offenses in the PSL crisis, emojis are already evidence in court cases. 23rd October 2019. BBC Brazil.

How the sexy peach emoji joined the resistance. -- 1st October 2019. The Washington Post.

Make These Changes to Your Social Media Bio and Get More Followers.  --10th October 2019. Entrepreneur Europe. 

Come L’emoji A Forma Di Pesca Sia Diventata Molto Più Di Un Simbolo, Da Sedere Sexy A Volto Di Trump.  --7th October 2019. Elle.

Éclairage – Comment les emoji « sexy à la pêche » ont rejoint la résistance. -- 3rd October 2019. Article 19. 

Emojis can affect our sex lives in major way according to study. -- 25th August 2019. Honey magazine.

Meghan Markle revealed: What do Duchess’ ‘emoji-filled texts’ say about her?
-- 2nd August 2019. Daily Express.

Boris Johnson news: Why Jeremy Corbyn REFUSES to call Boris Johnson by full name -- 2nd August 2019. Daily Express.

Seu namorado não entende o que você quer dizer? Aposte no emojis!  -- 28th July 2019. O Documento. 

The strange history of emoji and how they conquered the world. -- 17th July 2019. The Daily Telegraph.

Internautas celebran el día mundial de los emoticones.  -- 17th July 2019. Radio Cubana.


Les emoticones esdevenen un llenguatge universal objecte d’estudi. -- 17th July 2019. EL PAÍS Catalunya. 

Should teachers use emojis in the classroom?  -- 25th January 2019. Study News International.

Why emoji mean different things in different cultures
-- 12th December 2018. BBC Future.

Love and texts: Seduction in the digital age -- 20th July 2018. Financial Times. 

How world emoji day 2018 became the most trending thing on social media -- 18th July 2018. Business Standard.

Emoji: Teachers' friend or foe? --18th May 2018. TES.

Emoji: storia, numeri e curiosità del linguaggio universale del nuovo millennio

-- 10th May 2018. Italiamobilesrl

Wordplay: Face it--emojis add texture to text.  -- 4th April 2018. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Climate change emojis could help save the planet. --26th March 2018.

Emojis are ever everywhere and they're changing how we communicate. CBC News -- 18th March 2018.

It's time to embrace the exclamation point!  CNN Money -- 18th October 2017.

Is Emoji the new language? Harpers Bazaar -- September 2017. 

Review of The Emoji Code. NBC2 News -- 29th August 2017.

Happy face, sad face – are emojis the nearest thing to a universal language?  New Statesman -- 4th September 4th 2017.

The Emoji Code: Why Those Little Faces Are Saving Conversations. Paste Magazine -- 1st September 2017.

How to speak perfect Emoji, and other language lessons. New York Times -- 25th August 2017.

¿Qué hay detrás de las caritas sonrientes y los gatos asustados? El Pais -- 25th August 2017.

Why The Emoji Movie fails. Atlantic Magazine -- 5th August 2017.

How emojis took over the world. Stuff -- 4th August 2017.

If you're fluent in emoji, does that technically make you bilingual? Refinery29 -- 24th July 2017

Why emoji may be the best thing to happen in the digital age. USA Today -- 17th July 2017

Using emojis at school "could improve language skills". Metro -- 15th July 2017

Emoji, la superlingua universale. La Stampa -- July 5th 2017.

How emojis became the planet's lingua franca. Prospect magazine -- June 22nd 2017.

Is Emoji the future of language? Hindustan Times -- June 16th 2017.

How emojis can improve your relationships. NBC News -- June 14th 2017.

The future of language. OZY Magazine -- 5th June 5th 2017.

The power of paralanguage: How emoji changed the world. London Evening Standard -- 1st June 2017

Study reveals emojis can save your relationship. The New York Post -- 2nd May 2017

Is your relationship on the rocks? Try using emoji.  The Daily Mail -- 22nd May 2017

Emojis give couples their smiles back.  The Times -- 22nd May 2017

How emojis can save your relationship. The Sunday Telegraph -- 21st May 2017

Donald Trump is 'unable' to use 'quotation marks'. iNews -- 14th March 2017

There's now a word for nails on a blackboard. BBC Newsbeat -- 2nd March 2017

Seven things you didn't know about Emoji. BBC Radio 4 companion article to 'Word of Mouth' episode -- 21st February 2017.

Article in Dutch newspaper, Trouw -- 4th February 2017.

Skyviews: What's behind emoji's global success? -- January 2017

What your emojis say about about you. Article by CNN -- January 18th 2017.

From emoticon to sticker
.  Article on emoji in La Stampa -- July 17th 2016

The smiley-face emoji just got serious. The Sunday Times magazine -- June 5th 2016

Language and Communication in the 21st Century.  Scenario Magazine -- June 2nd 2016

This is not an eggplant.  Article on emoji in Folha Sao Paulo -- May 2016

Shortcuts. London Review of Books -- April 2016

Facebook reactions, the totally redesigned like button, is here.  Wired -- Februrary 24th 2016

The beginning of emoji domination.  The Toronto Star -- December 28th 2015

The most annoying words of 2015. The Metro -- December 2015 

Article on Vyv's emoji research in the German-language Berner Zeitung (Switzerland) -- November 18th 2015

What your most frequently used emoji say about you.  BBC NewsBeat -- November 17th 2015

Crying with laughter: How we learned how to speak emoji.  The Guardian -- November 17th 2015

The glitch that shows how technology rules us. Vocative -- August 14th 2015.

Emoji is Britain's fastest growing language as most popular symbol revealed. The Telegraph -- July 31st 2015.

Milhões de pessoas no mundo já conversam, riem e amam assim. Expresso--July 30th 2015

Emojis can help build successful relationships. The Daily Mirror -- July 17th 2015

New York has a new emoji index for its subway system, so we made you an emoji tube map.  CityMetric -- July 8th 2015.

Linguists launch war of words on emoji as a language. Australia -- May 21st 2015.

UK's fastest growing language is...emoji.  BBC Newsbeat -- May 19th 2015.


Politics, Twitter and TV add new words to the dictionary. Simples...  Wales Today -- March 28th 2013. 


(Partial listing)

Multiple live interviews (x13) on BBC local radio stations, discussing the change in tech-related hand gestures among Generation Z young people.  See discussion of the change on Psychology Today.  Radio stations that Vyv appeared on included: BBC Berkshire, Birmingham, Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Guernsey, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Scotland, Solent, York -- 6th October 2020. 

Interview on Israeli Public Broadcast Radio -- 8th November 2017. 

Interview on The Emoji Code, with Mark Lynch, Inquiry on WICN Public Radio -- 1st September 2017.

How to speak emoji. Kera Think, Dallas/Forth Worth PBS, with Kris Boyd -- 3rd August 2017.

The rise of emoji and how they make us better communicators.  The Joy Cardin Show, Wisconsin Public Radio, USA. 3rd August 2017.

The Symbols of Bliss. BBC Radio 4 -- 20th July 2017.

Interview on The Emoji Code, All Sides, Tech Tuesday with Ann Fisher, WOSU, US Public Radio -- 25th July 2017 

Interview on BBC Radio Scotland, World Emoji Day -- 17th July 2017

Interview on the Connie Fisher show, discussing The Emoji Movie Guinness World Record, live from London, BBC Radio Wales -- 15th July 2017

Interview on The Emoji Code, BBC Radio 5 Live, Drivetime -- 22nd May 2017

Discussing The Emoji Code on 'You and Yours', consumer programme, BBC Radio 4 -- 22nd May 2017

Emoji: The future of language? Featured guest on BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth programme -- 21st February 2017

Interview on the 'hijab emoji', first segment of the 'Sunday' programme, BBC Radio 4, October 2nd 2016

Interview on the linguistics of humour, BBC Radio Oxford, the Nick Piercey Show -- June 14th 2016

Interview on puns and the linguistics of humour, Hot Radio, UK, Drivetime show 

-- June 7th 2016

Discussing puns, Radio Carmarthenshire and Scarlet FM, June 3rd 2016

An Idiot's Guide to Emoji.  BBC Radio Bristol, the Laura Rawlings show, May 19th 2016.

Discussion of Vyv's research on emoji as a 'language', on Icelandic Radio, from 12.53 -- November 19th  2015.

Interview on emoji, Australian Broadcasting Company, Japan In Focus -- November, 23rd 2015

Interview on emoji, BBC World Service, Newsdesk programme -- November 18th 2015

Interview on emoji as Word of the Year, 2015.  BBC Radio 5 Live, Up All Night programme, November 17th 2015

Interview on emojis, Radio Talk Europe (English language radio in Spain), Breakfast Programme, Deptember 3rd 2015

Vyv in discussion on emoji, BBC Radio 5 Live, Drive -- 19th May 2015

Pre-recorded interview on emoji, news bulletins on Heart and Capital FM, UK -- July 19th 2015 

Interview on emoji, Newstalk Irish National Radio, Breakfast -- July 17th 2015

Interview on emoji, BBC Radio Wales, Good Morning Wales  programme -- 25th June 2015

Interview on emoji, Danish Radio, DR1, Eftermiddag, March 11th 2015

One hour live radio debate with Prof. Cynthia Hallen on grammar change, origins, evolution and usage, Brigham Young University Radio Station, USA, Top of Mind show hosted by Julie Rose -- February 20th 2015

Full length interview broadcast on Australian radio programme, Talk the Talk, December 2014

Interview discussing The Language Myth, on Newstalk National Irish radio; The Moncrieff Show -- 15 Oct 2014


Interview on the topic of 'Time'. BBC Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ programme. Details of the programme can be found at  -- May 5th 2014.

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Emojis in London
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