Consultant on all aspects of language and communication

Vyv provides expert advice to a wide range of organisations.  


He has consulted to technology companies, ranging from Google (Flamingo Strategy Consultancy) to Kikka Tech, a Silicon Valley app developer.   

He has advised the Sky TV science programme: Why Duck Quacks Don't Echo, and served as expert on digital communication for the BBC's Newsbeat,

What your most frequently emoji say about you, and English Language usage for Metro newspaper, The Most Annoying Words of 2015.

He has also developed and fronted national and international PR campaigns for TalkTalk Mobile, JUST EAT, Barclays BankWalls Ice Cream and Sony Pictures.


He conducts research and education programmes for brands, companies and media companies, and is adept at presenting these findings to the written and broadcast media in an engaging way. 

Dr. Vyvyan Evans
Professor of Linguistics

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