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Cognitive Linguistic Theory

(and its Application in the Real World)

Cognitive Linguistics. 2016. In Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Science. Oxford University Press. 

Review of Cognitive Linguistics. Published 2012. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science. Ed. by Lyn Nadel. 

This review article provides an overview of the primary commitments of Cognitive Linguistics, its central assumptions and worldview. It also contrasts Cognitive Linguistics with formalist approaches to language, especially Generative Grammar and Formal Semantics.

Annotated Bibliography: Cognitive Linguistics. Published 2011. Oxford Online Bibliography Series, ed. by Mark Aronoff. 

This is an annotated bibliography covering the major foci of concern within Cognitive Linguistics. Topics covered include: foundational works, textbooks, glossaries, reference resources, bibliographies, edited collections, journals and the major theories.

Low carbon diet: Reducing the Complexities of Climate Change to Human Scale. (With Brigitte Nerlich and Nelya Koteyko). Published 2011, Language & Cognition 3:1. 

This paper combines metaphor and blending analysis with media and discourse analysis to shed light on the linguistic framing of a real-world problem: climate change. The paper examines the ways in which the use of language, and in particular, the novel compound, 'low carbon diet' reduces climate change to human scale. This is achieved by studying the development of the 'low carbon diet' blend in an advertising campaign, a book, and by a catering company in the United States.

Language and Cognition: The View from Cognitive Linguistics. Published 2011 in Language & Bilingual Cognition, ed. By V. Cook & B. Bassetti, by Taylor Francis.

The main purpose of this chapter is to survey the theoretical position and main findings of Cognitive Linguistics as it bears on the relationship between language and cognition for researchers from other disciplines who are working on, or considering working on, bilingual cognition.

Cognitive Linguistics.  2010. In The Encyclopedia of Pragmatics, ed. by L. Cummings.  Published by Routledge.  

The encyclopaedia entry provides an overview of cognitive linguistics as it bears on issues relevant to the study of pragmatics.

The Cognitive Linguistics Enterprise : An Overview.  (With Benjamin K. Bergen and Jörg Zinken). Published 2007. In The Cognitive Linguistics Reader, ed. by V. Evans, B. Bergen and J. Zinken. London: Equinox.  

This review article provides an overview of the fundamental theoretical commitments and guiding principles of the Cognitive Linguistics enterprise, and its two best developed areas of study: cognitive semantics, and cognitive approaches to grammar.  It also critically reviews the main theoretical approaches and frameworks within Cognitive Linguistics.

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