Professor Vyvyan Evans, PhD, is an internationally renowned expert on language and digital communication, and a communications technologist and consultant. He received his PhD in Linguistics from Georgetown University, Washington DC., and has taught at the University of Sussex, Brighton University and Bangor University. He has published 14 books on language, meaning, mind, and digital communication.  These include The Emoji Code: The Linguistics Behind Smiley Faces and Scaredy Cats (2017); The Crucible of Language: How Language and Mind Create Meaning (2015); and The Language Myth: Why Language is Not an Instinct (2014). Evans is a much sought-after public speaker, and frequently provides expert opinion on language to the written and broadcast media.  His writing has been featured in Aeon, CNN Style, The New York Post, The Guardian, The Conversation, Nautilus Magazine, Newsweek, New Scientist, and Psychology Today, among other publications.

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Access Semantics

Since 2005, Evans has been developing a theoretical account of the intersection between the linguistic and conceptual systems, which subserve linguistically-mediated meaning construction. This he investigates in a book-length treatment: How Words Mean, which develops an account of Access Semantics, the Theory of Lexical Concepts and Cognitive Models (also known as LCCM Theory for short). A monograph, Language & Time develops a detailed application of Access Semantics to the domain of time.  The Crucible of Language provides an accessible overview of this perspective for a general audience.  A chapter-length  overview of the theory is available as Chapter 18 of Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide.

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Professor of Linguistics
Bangor University

Professor of Cognitive Linguistics  
University of Brighton

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Language and digital communication consultant


Georgetown University, USA

PhD in Linguistics.



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BA (Hons.) English and Philosophy