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Encyclopedia and Handbook Articles

Cognitive Linguistics. 2016. In Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Science. Oxford University Press. 

2015. In Cognitive Linguistics Handbook. Ed. by Ewa Dabowska and Dagmar Divjak. Mouton de Gruyter. 

Word Meaning.  2010.  In The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences, edited by Patrick Colm Hogan.  

This encyclopaedia entry provides an introduction to some of the central concerns relating to both the nature and study of word meaning, including cognitive linguistic approaches.

Cognitive Linguistics.  2010. In The Encyclopedia of Pragmatics, ed. by L. Cummings.  Published by Routledge.  

The encyclopaedia entry provides an overview of cognitive linguistics as it bears on issues relevant to the study of pragmatics.

The Evolution of Semantics.  2005. In Elsevier Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd edition, ed. K. Brown.  

This article is concerned with the evolution of semantic knowledge.  Semantic knowledge relates to the linguistic ability to encode and externalise humanly-relevant concepts, and combinations of concepts.  This article explores the evolution of knowledge of this kind from two perspectives.  The first examines possible cognitive pre-adaptations for the emergence of semantic knowledge.  These include the evolution of voluntary motor control, the evolution of intention-reading abilities and the relationship between personality traits and language.  The second examines the nature and range of semantic structure, and the kinds of conceptual mechanisms which underpin this knowledge and their possible evolutionary basis.  

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