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Prejudice based on a failure to appreciate the complexities of biological sex and the consequences of culture and language in shaping gender identities must be overcome.



The impact on language in the era of intelligent chatbots and neural implants

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Could Digital Telepathy Render Language Obsolete?

April 26, 2022  [PDF version]

While language won't be rendered obsolete by technology anytime soon, there is no reason to think that in the future neural implants won’t impact the nature of language learning.

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The Psychology of Natural Versus Constructed Languages 

December 10, 2021  [PDF version]

While constructed languages, like J.R.R Tolkien's Elvish or the language of Avatar are strange and exotic, they have more in common with natural languages than you might think.


Young people no longer understand traditional gestures, from miming a phone call to requesting the check. What does this mean for communication?


As our world has changed due to COVID-19, new ways of deploying emojis have sprung up in response.

The Psychology of Censorship: Changes to Roald Dahl's Words

February 27, 2023  [PDF version]


When society changes, should literary classics from a bygone era be updated too?



Which emoji best signifies approval? The answer, it turns out, depends on how old you are.

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New research on brain implants promises to revolutionize how, or even whether we need to learn language. But such advances raise ethical as well as psychological concerns.

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Language, like people, is a living, breathing organism, that changes and evolves, that has a backstory, and sometimes, as in the case of English, is the language of invasion.


Technology is transforming the ways we communicate with one another and interact with the world around us.


Which is the most difficult language to learn? What is the most effective way to learn a language? And which language will best enhance your job prospects?


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