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Language Learning, Discourse and Cognition:

Studies in the tradition of Andrea Tyler

Edited by Lucy Pickering and Vyvyan Evans  

Under contract and to be published by John Benjamins (in the Human Cognitive Processing series)



Part 1: Discourse Perspectives
1. Gender, Ethnicity, Culture & Identity: Crosscultural Communicative Competence in American University Classrooms
Catherine Davies, University of Alabama
2. Discourse-structuring devices revisited: Building on Tyler’s early insights regarding international teaching assistant comprehensibility
Gordon Tapper, University of Florida; Grazyna Drzazga, McMaster University; Maria Mendoza, Florida State University & Jennifer Grill, Florida State University
3. Senior Confessions: Narratives of Self-Disclosure
Diana Boxer, University of Florida
4. Academic Discourse of Research articles: Textual structure and organization
Budsaba Kanoksilapatham

Part 2: Cognitive Perspectives
5. The speech went on (and on) as Kerry dozed off (?and off):   A Conceptual Grammar approach to on and off
Susan Strauss, Penn State University
6. Synthesthetic metaphors of sound: An analysis of the semantics of English adjectives
Mari Tsujita, University of the Sacred Heart
7. The nature of semantic representations: Principled Polysemy and LCCM Theory compared and contrasted
Vyvyan Evans, Bangor University
8. Syllables as socially entrenched sensory-motor schemata
Boris Fridman Mintz, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia

Part 3: Applications to L2 Teaching & Learning
9. Cognitive Linguistics and Sociocultural Psychology: A Meaningful Relationship
James Lantolf,  Penn State University
10. Formulaicity & Context in Second Language Acquisition
Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Indiana University
11. Overpassivization in a Second Language Revisited: A Usage-Based Study
Lourdes Ortega, Georgetown University; Sang-Ki Lee, Korea National University of Education; Munehiko Miyata, Senshu University
12. Like a sponge: Cognitive Usage-based second language teaching
Carol Moder , Oklahoma State University
13. The Effect of Learning Environment on L2 Storytelling Processes
Yuko Nakahama, Keio University
14. The Use of Hedging Devices in L2 Legal Writing: a Cognitive Functional Perspective
Natalia Jacobsen, George Washington University    

This volume constitutes a collection of original, thematically-related studies at the nexus of discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics and second language learning. The intersection of these three overlapping areas of study has been developed in detail in the pioneering research program of Andrea Tyler over the last three decades. 


At the broadest level, Tyler’s research has addressed such fundamental questions as: When humans communicate, what happens? How is that communication accomplished in its natural context? How can this help us understand second language learning?


The present volume brings together a seminal collection of papers by internationally-profiled researchers who work within, or have been influenced by this tradition.  In particular, the volume approaches these questions from the perspective of usage-based models of language (acquisition) with applicability to both L1 and L2 studies, and with a focus on discourse analytic and cognitive perspectives. 

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