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Language Expert, Digital Communication Technologist, & Author

I am an expert in language and digital communication.  In my writing and my research I explore the prodigious capacity of our species, Homo sapiens, to mean during the course of spoken interaction, and the impact of technology on language and mind. I have written numerous books on language, non-linguistic communication, meaning, mind, imagination, their evolution, the impact of technology on language and the future of language and communication; I discuss these topics regularly in the popular written and broadcast media. 

My exploration of common questions and issues about language can be found in my Psychology Today blog: "Language in the mind", in my popular science writing (links below), and in my podcasts and TV/video appearances:


Language has a past, family trees and even character.  Psychology Today

5 July 2021

"The Language Myth" now published in Turkish

8 November 2021

"Mixed Emojis. Interview with Vyvyan Evans". Kinfolk Magazine

08 September 2021



The End of Sleep by Vyvyan Evans Cover.jpg

What connects a new highly addictive gaming app, viral conspiracy theories by the mysterious Dark Court, and a fatal insomnia pandemic? Enter Lilith King, the world's most famous cybercrime detective.

Lilith had always known she was different. Attitude to burn, for one thing. The strange chanting in her head since she was seven, for another. And then, the Aura, the sensory disturbance that makes her sick to the pit of her stomach, seemingly coinciding with the new, strange apparition that’s haunting her. She also has the ability to solve crime through touch alone. Together with Dr. Kace Westwood, the sleep specialist genius, and a freak like her, Lilith must figure out whether the deadly insomnia pandemic is linked to the vagus chip implants being offered to all qualifying Unskills. Or are people’s language chips being hacked? And why is only the lowest soc-ed class being targeted? 


In a desperate race against time to save billions of people, Lilith must confront shocking revelations about her origins and destiny, while attempting to save the one she loves. 


Forthcoming in digital and paperback formats, Spring 2022, from Nephilim Publishing.


See publisher website here, and register for book updates.

(see more popular science books here)


The Emoji Code (US edition)

US edition -- published Aug 2017

Buy from amazon.com

The Emoji Code (UK edition)

UK edition -- published May 2017

Buy from: amazon.co.uk

Is Emoji the new universal 'language'? -- Excerpt from chapter 1 of 'The Emoji Code'
The power of emoji, Japan's most transformative design -- Excerpt from 'The Emoji Code' in CNN Style 
Emoji is the body language of the digital age -- Excerpt from 'The Emoji Code' in
Nautilus magazine
Emoji is the new universal 'language'. LinkedIn Weekend Essay
Emojis actually make our language better -- article in New York Post
Say it with feeling -- Review of 'The Emoji Code' in New Scientist

Q&A podcast, discussing my book "The Emoji Code" with Science magazine, 24th August 2017 can be heard here [from 10.03]

Emoji: The future of language? - Word of Mouth BBC Radio 4 Feb 27th 2017
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On Emoji and Linguistics with Vyv Evans. A podcast about media and culture, 5th March 2021Vyv Evans.Never Ready Gallery
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