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I am an expert in language, digital communication, and the future of communication. I conduct research into the prodigious capacity of our species, Homo sapiens, to mean during the course of spoken interaction. I have published 14 books on aspects of language, non-linguistic communication, meaning, mind, imagination, their evolution, and the future of language; I discuss these topics regularly in the popular written and broadcast media. I am available to provide expert feedback and advice; feel free to get in touch.

My exploration of common questions and issues about language can be found in my Psychology Today blog: "Language in the mind", in my popular science writing, and in my podcasts and TV interviews:  

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Talk the Talk, December 2014Vyv Evans in discussion on The Language Myth
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On Emoji and Linguistics, with author Vyv Evans.  A podcast about media and culture
5 March 2021
Review of "Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide"
7 April 2021
"The Future of Communication", published in The Next Truth 
26 March 2021

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The Emoji Code (UK edition)
The Emoji Code (US edition)
UK edition -- published May 2017
US edition -- published Aug 2017
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Is Emoji the new universal 'language'? -- Excerpt from chapter 1 of 'The Emoji Code'
The power of emoji, Japan's most transformative design -- Excerpt from 'The Emoji Code' in CNN Style 
Emoji is the body language of the digital age -- Excerpt from 'The Emoji Code' in
Nautilus magazine
Emoji is the new universal 'language'. LinkedIn Weekend Essay
Emojis actually make our language better -- article in New York Post
Say it with feeling -- Review of 'The Emoji Code' in New Scientist

Q&A podcast, discussing my book "The Emoji Code" with Science magazine, can be heard here.

The Emoji Code: Social Engineer PodcastVyv Evans 8th June 2020
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WICN Public Radio http://www.wicn.org/podcasts/audio/vyvyan-evans-emoji-code - Vyvyan Evans 'The Emoji Code' Inquiry with Mark Lynch Sept 1st 2017
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How to speak emoji - Kera Think, with Kris Boyd PBS 3rd August 2017
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Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language? - The Guardian tech podcast 23rd June 2017
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Emoji: The future of language? - Word of Mouth BBC Radio 4 Feb 27th 2017
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Cognitive Linguistics - Copy.png

Published May  2019 by Edinburgh University Press.

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Complimentary worksheets and exercises available from the publisher website

Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide (January 2019)
Vyv talks about his new book

Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide is a comprehensive and authoritative overview—a complete guide—to the cognitive linguistics enterprise. The book serves as an essential work of reference for practising cognitive linguists, and others, including researchers from neighbouring disciplines, as well as students and educated lay readers, wishing to discover the way in which language and mind work, and what cognitive linguistics can tell us about what it means to be human. 

"One of the best introductions to the intersection of language and the mind ever written...a masterpiece and a delight."

"A “must-read”...comprehensive, in-depth...Its breadth and depth of coverage are unparalleled."

My Oxford Bibliography of Cognitive Linguistics can be found here.

Dr. Vyvyan Evans
Professor of Linguistics
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