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 Vyvyan Evans | Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Vyvyan Evans
Language Expert, Digital Communication Technologist, & Author

I am an expert in language and digital communication.  In my writing and my research I explore the prodigious capacity of our species, Homo sapiens, to mean during the course of spoken interaction, and the impact of technology on language and mind. I have written numerous books on language, non-linguistic communication, meaning, mind, imagination, their evolution, the impact of technology on language and the future of language and communication; I discuss these topics regularly in the popular written and broadcast media. 

My exploration of common questions and issues about language can be found in my Psychology Today column: "Language in the mind", in my blog: "Language creates...". in my popular science writing, and in my podcasts and TV/video appearances.

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Language creates...
a blog about language, writing, digital communication and the future of language