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 Vyvyan Evans | Professor of Linguistics

Vyvyan Evans 博士

我是语言和数字通信方面的专家。  在我的写作和研究中,我探索了我们物种的惊人能力, 智人, 意思是在口头互动过程中,以及技术对语言和思想的影响。我写了很多关于语言、非语言交流、意义、思想、想象力、它们的演变、技术对语言的影响以及语言和交流的未来的书;我定期在流行的书面和广播媒体上讨论这些话题。 

我对有关语言的常见问题的探索可以在我的今日心理学 column:“头脑中的语言”,在我的博客中:“语言创造……”。在我的科普作品中,在我的播客电视/视频出现。

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The Babel Apocalypse
A genre-blending dystopian, sci-fi mystery-thriller that will make you think about language in a whole new way.

The Babel Apocalypse website

The Babel Apocalypse earns a prestigous Kirkus star, for books of exceptional merit


"A perfect fusion of SF, thriller, and mystery—smart speculative fiction at its very best...The novel is powered by a multitude of narrative elements: deeply considered and meticulously described worldbuilding, an impressively complex storyline with numerous bombshell plot twists, emotionally compelling characters, and weighty themes concerning the power of language and the danger of humankind’s becoming overly dependent on technology. When the intriguingly complex elevated to another level; the pace becomes breakneck and the action nonstop, leading up to a stand-up-and-applaud conclusion that not only satisfies, but sets the stage for the next installment."


[Read the full review online at Kirkus: here]  [PDF version here]


"Must read"🏆

"I was hooked by the perfect blend of Sci-Fi, mystery, and thriller, and the author's unique method of crashing a near-future Earth society."  Reedsy Discovery review