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Une série de livres de science-fiction se déroulant dans un futur dystopique où la langue n'est plus apprise mais transmise à des implants neuronaux, soumis aux lois du langage. 

The Babel Apocalypse, Songs of the Sage #1, by Vyvyan Evans

À paraître en mai 2023

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Read about the (language) science behind the novel

Are Artificially-Enhanced Minds the Future of Communication?  Psychology Today, February 20, 2023

Will Brain-computer Interfaces Make Knowledge Streamable?  HowStuffWorks, March 14 2023

The Science behind The Babel Apocalypse, Language Creates, March 14, 2023

An interview with Vyvyan Evans, author of The Babel Apocalypse, Literary Ashland, March 30, 2023

Kirkus Reviews: The Babel Apocalypse earns a prestigous Kirkus star, for books of exceptional merit


"A perfect fusion of SF, thriller, and mystery—smart speculative fiction at its very best." 

"The novel is powered by a multitude of narrative elements: deeply considered and meticulously described worldbuilding, an impressively complex storyline with numerous bombshell plot twists, emotionally compelling characters, and weighty themes concerning the power of language and the danger of humankind’s becoming overly dependent on technology. When the intriguingly complex elevated to another level; the pace becomes breakneck and the action nonstop, leading up to a stand-up-and-applaud conclusion that not only satisfies, but sets the stage for the next installment."


[Read the full review online at Kirkus: here]  [PDF version here]

Reedsy Discovery review


Must read 🏆

"I was hooked by the perfect blend of Sci-Fi, mystery, and thriller, and the author's unique method of crashing a near-future Earth society."

[Read the full review here]

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